WOW Shadow


Focal Length 50mm

ISO 100

Shutter Speed 1/3200

Aperture f/3.5

This is Jenas shadow, spelling out her name. Notice, she only has one “N” in her name. I struggled getting all the photo into a collage. I first tried to stitch them together like a panorama, then i got impatient and just dragged them onto one photo and layer masked each photo and erased the edged and moved them closer together.


WOW Panorama


Focal Length 50mm

Aperture f/5.0

Shutter Speed 1/8

ISO 100

I had problems when it came taking the 7 pictures and putting them together. The pivot did not seem to connect correctly, and so half the pivot was up high and the other was below. I had put some hills over top of it so it worked out because the trying to clone stamp fix it would not work.

Coffee Cinemagraph


This may only be almost a week late, but it is done finally. I struggled to get this done because I get distracted very easily and when I get frustrated I quit. So I ended up quitting a lot. I struggled with Jenas hand being fuzzy and being patient with photoshop being very slow. All that matters now is that I got it done.

WOW Faceless Portrait


Focal Length 50mm

Aperture f/2.0

Shutter Speed 1/40

ISO 100

Sam has joined the photography this semester and I thought it would make a good “faceless portrait”. She is taking a picture of Jade doing what Jade does. Read.  I didn’t completely crop out Jade of this photo so it didn’t look like Sam was taking a photo of nothing, and so this photo doesn’t look posed.

WOW Candy


Focal Length 50mm

Shutter Speed 1/25 sec

Aperture f/3.2

ISO 100

My candy of the week is Twizzlers. When I found out the word of the week was candy I was excited. Then I found out that there was Twizzlers involved, and was super excited. We had to take pictures as if a business would buy the picture to use for themselves. My first picture was of sour patch kids in the grass. I guess that wouldn’t have worked out very well if a business was looking for a picture of there product to use. I then found that someone already had the Twizzlers nicely set out waiting for the picture to be taken. This is the picture I came up with. After I took the pictures I ate a couple of them… Ok, maybe it was more than a couple.