Portrait Retouch


Aperture f/8.0

Shutter Speed 1/100

ISO 100

Lens Length 70.0mm

After arguing about how to better Collins eyes, I finally got them done. I also don’t remember the flash settings. Some of the other things I made changes to would be, his teeth, face color (so he didn’t look like a ghost), and other small blemishes. I also did the smoothing  tool to get rid of some the little hairs on his chair, and such. I got rid of the bags under his eyes using the patch tool, and then blending it.


Flare Lens


For this photo I don’t have any of the settings. It was taken on an iPhone. After a very rough track workout, Kinz and Ky wanted to take some neat pictures with the sunset. I thought it would be cool to take it with the sun behind them. Since they were back to back I knelt down to get a cool angle of the sun in-between the backs.  This week just happened to be flare also, so I used this image.



Lens Length 70.0 mm

ISO 100

Shutter Speed 1/100

Aperture f/5.6

I am not sure I did this correctly. I hope there are enough shadows, and I didn’t put the histogram on here. But if you look at it, it has the correct exposure. I personally think his face looks a little over exposed.

WOW love


ISO 100

Lens Length 50.0 mm

Aperture f/3.2

Shutter Speed 1/60

Love can be shown in many different ways. “Put your seatbelt on”, “Drive home safe”, “Don’t stay out too late”. Other people love to do activities to show that they love you. For example, if I bring you food, I must love you. But for this photo, I mixed the love. I love painting, and a heart symbolizes love. The lighting in the back room is pretty bad. It’s like yellow. So to edit the white balance required a little bit more effort. I also didn’t know how much to expose this photo. So the paper looks a but bright.



I finally got this done. I didn’t get this turned in last week because I messed up the ending loop and I couldn’t fix it. So I kind of gave up. Then when I got it done, I struggled to get it to save correct. As you can see I also got that figured out. I don’t like making cinemagraphs all that much in the first place.



Out Of Focus


ISO 100

Lens Length 50.00 mm

Aperture f/1.8

Shutter Speed 1/25

I found this idea from google. This photo is a bit different, though. I made the lens clear and the middle blurry. That kind of the opposite of how a camera works. The middle part of the lens focuses, while the outside of the lens really has nothing to do with the focus.