Weekly Photo Challenge: Tree

tree picture

Focal Length 36.00 mm

Aperture f/4.5

Shutter Speed 1/400

ISO 100

    This is a picture of a tree branch. The leaves are originally a yellow green-ish color, but with a little help by photoshop I turned the leaves orange, so they look more fally.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Soft


Focal Length 50mm

Aperture f/2.5

Shutter Speed 1/320

ISO 100

I feel like every week I start these posts the same. “This weeks word is ……” I can’t seem to think of anything else to write at the moment so this weeks word is soft. We had to stop and brain storm what was soft. Pillows, blankets, marshmallows. Well, we are in class so we had to think of something soft in this school. Jena had the bright idea of feathers so we set off on an adventure to the art room. As you see Jena is sitting criss-cross applesauce blowing the feathers out of her hands. If you could feel those feathers, they are soft.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue


Focal length 50mm

Aperture f/2.5

Shutter speed 1/1000

ISO 100

This weeks challenge is blue. I chose this picture for blue because out of the blue a European beetle (not a lady bug) landed on my blue jeans. See I used the word/color blue in that sentence three different times. So I think this picture should count as a blue picture. But as you can see, I have my bright pink shoes in the background.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


Focal Length 50mm

Aperture f/6.3

shutter speed 1/320

ISO  400

This picture represents treasure to me because I treasure that we get the advantage of actually being able to use photoshop to edit photos and such. I also treasure the good outdoors and this picture has both nature and photoshop in it, so it is a double treasure photo.