Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Season

Aperture f/1.8

Shutter Speed 1/200 seconds

ISO 100

Focal Length 50mm

My favorite season is Spring. Spring is my favorite because that is the season after Winter and everything is growing again and I feel like everything has a fresh start. I had the 50mm lens to capture more detail. I chose to shoot with an aperture of f/1.8 because I wanted just a sliver of the flower to be clear and the rest blurry. I thought the setting of 1/200 would have a good amount of light exposure, and the ISO 100 because thats just how I do.


Weekly Photo Challenge: White Space


Aperture f/2.8

Shutter Speed 1/2000 sec

ISO 100

Ciennas arm must be a very good perch for her origami bird. Actually she says it is a dragon but it looks like a bird, so I call it a dragon bird. For such a white background we adjusted lights at just the right angle and used speed flashes. I also used a little photo shop to enhance the dragon bird a little bit more.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gold


Focal Length: 50mm

Aperture: f/2.5

Shutter Speed: 1/3200

ISO: 400

This week in digital photography we had to find something gold. Finding something gold at Thayer Central is very difficult since our school colors are black and gold. I thought I’d be creative and find something outside that is gold and I found Fredd. I am very terrified of moths and so i picked him up with a stick in one hand and balanced the camera and snapped photos in the other hand. Thank the heavens it turned out clear so I never had to pick him up again. I am happy to say thought that Fredd is not dead. I chose to shoot this picture in ISO 400 because I wanted to try something new and thought that 1/3200 as my shutter speed would be fast enough to snap the photo I would like. My aperture is sent at f/2.5 because that what the camera told me to do so the photo wouldn’t be over or under exposed. So until next time I see Fredd, here is a very nice picture of him.