WOW Track

track copy 2

Iso 500

Lens Length 55.00mm

Shutter Speed 1/800

Aperture f/5.6

This week has been crazy stressful and chaotic with having two track meets. I’m assuming thats’s why it’s the word of the week. I feel like hurdles are the most fun thing to photograph because it’s not somebody just running around in a circle.




ISO 100
Lens Length 55.0mm

Shutter Speed 1/100

Aperture f/5.6

This image was taken in my grandmother back yard. I don’t remember what kind of flower this is, but to me, it looks like a red asparagus.



I got it done! I can tell that this is a new low for me to procratinate this much. Anyway, like previously mentioned, I procrastinated, so I get to do the cool square panorama thing. I just did the plain stitch photos together type panorama.

Car advertisement


ISO 100

Lens Length 50mm

Shutter Speed 1/400

Aperture f/9

Ya, so I didn’t try super hard on this as you can tell. I wasn’t in the imaginative mood. It took me three different tries to get a descent enough picture of a car to use for this. First I tried to use my gross old truck, and the curb was in the way so I decided to use a nicer car. Then I went out and found this car and used a long lens. All the pictures were blurry when I came back inside to edit them. Finally, I used the short 50 mm lens and got a good enough photo to use it.

Environmental Portrait


ISO 125

Lens Length 20.5 mm

Aperture f/4.6

Shutter Speed 1/200

This image was taken in Ecuador when a couple of these ladies showed us what there farming life is life. They gave us a tour of there fields and a neat little llama/alpaca museum. I took this picture because I thought it was kind of neat to watch them walk around spinning llama wool. They like spun the dowl and wool at the same time to make a string type thing.