Shutter Speed Ball Project


ISO 400

Focal Length 50mm

Aperture f/5.6

Shutter Speed 1/1600


ISO 100

Focal Length 50mm

Aperture f/10

Shutter speed 1/60

For this project, we had someone throw the ball back and forth and we were suppose to put the cameras shutter speed in two different speeds. One fast, and one slow. The fast one was a lot easier to get a picture of compared to the slow shutter speed. If we got the picture just right during the slow shutter speed, the ball would be clear and the background blurry. Very few of us were successful. With the fast ball photo, we had the ISO at a higher level to have to correct exposure since the shutter was set so fast. I thought about photoshopping a clear photo of the basketball over top the blurry one, but figured that would be cheating. So I left it.


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