WOW Halloween


ISO 100

Aperture f/4.5

Shutter Speed 1/125

Lens Length 50mm

So, for this photo, I took pictures of the letters separate instead of the whole word spelled out. I didn’t have enough gords to spell out the whole word. I made sure I didn’t change the aperture or shutter speed after each photo so I could stitch them together and not worry about adjusting the lighting and stuff. Although, I was dumb enough to take them close  to steps so I had to worry about the line of board lining up when I put all the pictures  together. Challenge one, was getting them all to fit on to a canvas size and adjusting them to still look the same size. Once I got them all fit together, I then had to blend the bottom of the sidewalk into the background, and get the board to line up at the top of the gords. I then did all the adjustments to the side walk and gords. But I over outlined the gords so and made the darker, so it looks like it has a darker outline, almost like a  shadow. I turned down the saturation in the background to make the letters stand out as well. So, after a little bit of work, I finally got the letters stitched together and look all halloweenish like.


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