Posing Photos


Focal Length 50mm

ISO 100

Shutter Speed 1/2000

Aperture f/1.8


Focal Length 51.0 mm

ISO 100

Shutter Speed 1/320

Aperture f/5.6


Focal Length 50mm

ISO 100

Shutter Speed 1/250

Aperture f/8

Learning how to pose people for photos was very interesting as well as a little humorous. The various kinds of poses between girls and boys was interesting where if they posed in the same way, they could both send off different kind of moods. The difference between making the boys and girls pose was also  something new to me. Kenzie was way more willing to listen to Jena and I when we told her to pose a certain way. Yong on the other hand, really didn’t want his picture taken and wasn’t in the mood to pose for us. When we did the group photo, getting everyone in the correct spot so they didn’t look awkward and overlap too much was a little difficult. Notice, they all have different poses, except the two, but they are on opposite sides so that doesn’t count.


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