365 photo a day Challenge

You can find all of my photos on my instagram account. My username is simply, cambrie.cottam.

~The Challenges of posting a photo a day~

The most challenging thing about posting a photo a day, is simply posting a photo a day. Being a busy student, it is difficult to find a time to actually get a picture taken to match the theme, then getting it uploaded to my phone to post. I feel like photography is maybe one of the things I excel at, so when I take a photo, and post it to social media for everyone to see I would like it to at least look good. If I take a photo that I don’t like, I probably will delete it or not show anyone. When it comes to taking photos I am kind of a perfectionist. Another challenge for me was coming up with creative ideas to match the theme of the day. Some say I am creative, but really I don’t think so.

~What some of the benefits are~

Finding time to practice taking pictures is hard, especially when you don’t have anything to really motivate you. One of the many benefits of doing a 365 challenge, is that you have that motivation to get out and take some pictures. Practice makes perfect.  Another benefit to this challenge is that you learn new things. You get to be original and try new angles and lighting. You learn that in photography getting the right exposure and lighting and such is important for getting a good photo.

~How I could have been better about posting a photo a day~

To improve my photo a day challenge, I could have done a little better posting a photo day. By posting a photo a day it could have helped improve my photo taking skills. To get in  a better habit to post a photo a day I could have just used my phone take pictures and like I did some of the time, take photos ahead of time then send them to myself and edit them the day of theme for the picture. I believe that would also help me practice with my editing or photoshop skills. However, my camera on my phone is terrible so I didn’t want to do that. I would take pictures with my camera, then put my SD card in my laptop, save them, email them to myself, and then go onto my phone email and download them to my gallery.

Heres a couple examples that I posted for my photo a day challenge.

~Nikon vs Canon~

I also looked into the difference between Nikon and Canon, and I could’t find much. But this is what I found out. Canons highest resolution camera costs a lot more than Nikons. Canons %DS and 5DS R has a resolution of 50.6 mega pixels.

Nikons D800E, has a new filter that doesn’t have the anti-aliasing properties, so Nikon doesn’t have the low pass filters.

Canon has a DSLR series that are designed for astrophotography, as they have modified the low-pass filter that lets the light through allowing the red color. On the other hand, Nikon D810 also does a similar thing.

In conclusion, they both do about the same thing. I believe they just specialize in different things, but in the end they are both very similar.

~How the DSLR lens works~

Have you ever wondered how a DSLR camera works? Well, I was doing some research and found out that when the light comes through the lens, it reflexes off a mirror called the reflex mirror. We look at the reflex mirror through the view finder, or eye piece, and the shutter speed opens and closes allowing the certain amount of light in, aka: exposure.


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